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Friends old and new,

Our annual Pie Drive to support 5 SRE (Special Religious Education) Teachers in our local high schools is commencing!

The pies will be freshly made by a local bakery.  They are family size, in six flavours, priced at $10 each.

Due to the COVID lockdown, the only way we can publicise this now is by the Internet.

COVID also requires “contactless“ receiving of orders and payments, as well as making deliveries.  Pretty challenging?

But we can do it!  By helping each other and especially those who do not have Internet access.

Also, it is easy to share this link with relatives, friends, neighbours or workmates.  They might like a good family pie too.  Or five!

Details are on this link:

1. Just click on the picture of the first kind of pie you want
2. Choose how many
3.  Click on “add to order”
4.  Do this for each kind of pie you order
5.  When finished, click on “view order” and check that it is correct
6.  Click on “checkout”, fill in the personal details and pay for them.

Also included are pick-up instructions (we can even deliver if you need that).

NOTE:   Please order by this Thursday 19 August.  Pick-up or delivery will be on Sunday 22 August (you will be sent specific timeslots) at a "drive-through" at St Michaels Anglican Cathedral, Market St, Wollongong.
And if you can not be in the pie drive at this time, please consider supporting the WCCEB ministry regularly by donating.  We have a $165,000 per annum budget (no longer $110,000).   Donations are 100% tax deductible.  To donate one-off or set up a regular giving pattern, go here:

THANK YOU for reading all this - and enjoy your pies!

CONTACT:  Jeff Stacey
WCCEB representative for Wollongong Congregational Church.
Mobile:  0431662696
Email:  [email protected]