Prayer & Praise Night 13th of January

11 February 2021 / Latest News

Prayer & Praise Night 13th of January


Prayer and Praise night focused on Youth Mental Health

We came into 2021 with a bang this new year as youth from across the Illawarra came to pray for mental health issues that have been increasing in our region amidst the challenges of last year.

The Prayer & Praise Night was held on January 13th at Gerringong Uniting Church. It was attended around 70 people mostly young people who concerned about youth mental health issues. Together, we prayed for God's goodness and His protection for our youth. 

Below are some of what people say about the night.

"This was an amazing night for Christian of all ages from a range of denominations and backgrounds to come together and bring such an important cause to our Lord. Although we were there for a spiritually and emotionally heavy concept and many people came burdened from losing friends and family, the atmosphere was one of expectant anticipation. We were lead excellently by Hannah Lawrance, Pat Steele and the band to lift our focus to the Lord who sits enthroned above all. My personal highlight was hearing some of the amazing testimonies and prayers from those present. Youth prayed and spoke visions of God's peace over their friends, those older prayed for our young and sought to blanket them in God's goodness and His protection. We all committed to seeking to be beacons of God's healing salvation to everyone we come into contact with. It was a powerful night to be part of! I am thankful Gerringong Uniting Church could offer our facilities to such an encouraging event."

- Swanny (Peter Swann)
Next Gen Pastor, Gerringong Uniting Church

"On January 13th we saw around 70 individuals come to gather and pray on the edge of the Illawarra in Gerringong. Generations both young and old came together as one to give 3 hours of their time to lifting up the name of Jesus and declaring healing over our region. For me, this was quite significant. In the Illawarra, youth and prayer are not really words you often hear in the same sentence, this is something we are passionate about changing. How awesome it would be to see my own generation see prayer as the first resort in all crisis affecting our lives! We spent over an hour in worship which naturally segued into prayer for youth mental health. I left feeling so encouraged to see my generation unify across denominations and prayer styles for the one purpose of prayer. I am personally so excited for what the future holds and look forward to seeing what this leads to next."

- Hannah Lawrance
Together For The Illawarra

"It was an absolute privilege to be a part of the Prayer + Praise Night in Gerringong, Hannah did an amazing job organizing this wonderful night. I truly believe this was a catalytic moment for Gerringong, Kiama, and the Illawarra where we came together to “Strike The Ground” with prayer and enthrone Jesus in our praise. When we enthrone Jesus on our praises something always shifts, when we enthrone Jesus as Lord over our lives, our families, our homes, our regions, and nations everything else is simultaneously dethroned as we exalt Him in the highest place. Praise brings the breakthrough, you see in the bible examples of walls coming down, the enemy fleeing, and prison doors opening to set the captives free, and we can expect the same as we continue to gather together to pray and praise in the Illawarra. I feel stirred to continue to strike the ground in Kiama and the Illawarra, we will see a victory because the battle belongs to the Lord."

- Pat Steele
Youth For Christ Australia