In memory of Darryl Stewart - Kingdom Connections Illawarra


On the 31st of December, Darryl sent me a Facebook message with a link to Mohammad Ali “I am the greatest speech” video. And at the bottom of the message, he wrote to me “You are the greatest!”. I was jokingly replied to him “Wow, let me tell Lidia that”.

I think that message describes who Darryl is- he is an encourager. He encourages people. He encouraged me and I’m sure he has encouraged all of us here.

Darryl has this some kind of superpower that he is able to see goodness in people - and make that the important thing.

Darryl somehow able to put aside the differences and able to pursue what is important, which I learnt from him, is the relationship.

In the past  8 years, I have been working with local ministers on relational unity among pastors & ministers.

I believe many people would agree with me that without Darryl and his faithful ministries; spending hours visiting ministers & churches; we won’t be where we are now.

Darryl also has recorded 400 plus of Everyday Miracles stories by visiting local churches around the region.

During ministers meetings, Darryl likes to emphasise on the importance of asking each other "how are you .. really". He emphasised that it is not about our ministries, nor our career. However about how we are as an individual and our journey in Christ Jesus.

As we remember and celebrate Darryl’s life, I want to encourage that we continue asking Darryl's question when we meet in our fraternal meetings, prayer meetings or even at the mall  .. "how are you... really"

It’s a question that reminds us about who we are in Christ. It's a question that shows who we are to one another is more important than what we can do.

We will miss you, Darryl


Hengki Widjaja
Together for the Illawarra

In 1979 Darryl was our pastor in a small church plant at Neutral Bay - his first pastorate. It was a happy and enjoyable experience of church life for both our young families.  He had his pastoral challenges there too, with some strong personalities in the fellowship.  He and his wife Sam handled it well.  

For the last 25 years, we have shared close fellowship together in many local prayer groups and ministry situations. 

Now suddenly, he’s gone.  After my first reaction of shock loss, I also had a vivid mental picture:  he’s THERE!  Experiencing the FULL MEANING of all his deepest yearnings for the Kingdom of God:   “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN”.  

 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful”(2Timothy 4:7 NLT).   Darryl did it all.

Our prayers continue for dear Sam and all the family.


Jeff Stacey
Kingdom Connections Illawarra

Darryl was passionate to see the Kingdom of God come fully in the churches across the Illawarra.  He made prayer a priority and took time to be present in multiple prayer meetings in the region.  Darryl regularly seized the moment to be an encourager - I benefited from his warmth in this regard and so did a number of my colleagues. I will miss his genuine blessing and persistent prayer for more of the presence of King Jesus among us. 

Dave Milne
Fairy Meadow/Tarrawanna Ministers Fraternal Coordinator. 


I remember when we four ladies came to a meeting with Kingdom men. And, Daryl was so kind and receptive to the vision and hopes we had for the women in our city, always a gentleman.
I loved his little chuckle and smile as he would tell one of his many wonderful stories!

Lusanne Jenkins


Almost a decade ago, in my pursuit to find a prayer meeting in the city, I found Darryl Stewart there, in the small kitchen of the 100 years old United Church in Coniston, at the same block as our Pulse Radio Station. There, together in tears and deep supplications with @Jeff Stacey and Barbara, I found myself making sense of John 17:21, praying for the blessing that comes when we position our heart to love and unite.
I prayed with them for years after that, always with UNITY as the foundation of our prayers. Darryl was the one who introduces City Women to me after sharing a video link which showcases the Unity happening in Toowoomba. Darryl was a voice to our church. He wasn’t going to settle until he saw Unity and the blessing that accompanied that, flowing in the Illawarra. He will be missed dearly. I am so thankful for his life.

Heloisa Nuske
City Women Illawarra


If you have ever been encouraged by Darryl Stewart or have a story on how he has inspired or encouraged you, we want to hear from you. Email your story to [email protected]