Illawarrachurch - online directory for churches in the Illawarra, seeking your feedback


We would like to inform you of an exciting development Together For The Illawarra has been working on. is an online directory, mapping all churches across the Illawarra region. 

 We believe that this will be a very helpful tool for all churches across our region - especially useful for community members who have come to Christ or looking for a church family to grow and be discipled in. 

Together For The Illawarra is passionate about assisting with resourcing, encouraging relational networking, and providing ideas and news to foster the big picture of the Illawarra church. Our prayer is that more people will come to meet Jesus as their Saviour and that the churches of the Illawarra would grow and flourish. We desire to see the Kingdom of God advancing in the Illawarra and for His church here to be glorious.

Currently, the online directory is based on publicly available information and/or submitted details. We are currently seeking feedback on church details.


What you can do to help us

  1. Check out your church details by searching your church name on this link (
  2. Any update required or especially if your church recently introduced an Online meeting, please inform our team by filling this form (
  3. Our team will handle the rest (allow 3-4 working days) and may notify you of any question/clarification. 


If you prefer for your church not to be listed on directory, notify our team on


We look forward to continuing collaborating with you and working for the betterment of our region in the spirit of unity, prayer and thanksgiving.


Hengki Widjaja