Illawarra Thanks!

09 June 2021 / Latest News

Illawarra Thanks!


Thanksgiving is the key to unlock the fullness of life. It doesn’t really matter what we have, thanksgiving always turns anything into enough. We are so thankful for our region and of our people and this year we have decided to make sure they know about it.


This year representatives of different local churches have visited organisations across our community and armed with awards, gifts and certificates we have made clear that we are thankful for you and we honour what they do for our community.

We have visited the following organisations and persons:


SAHSSI (Supported Accommodation & Homelessness Services Shoalhaven Illawarra)

WWIS (Wollongong Women’s Information Service)

Shellharbour Hospital

Shellharbour Scouts

Dr Annette Beaufils 


We have met with the leadership of each organisation and gave them a personalised award, as well as a gift and a certificate. 

We wanted them to feel valued and recognised as an irreplaceable asset to our community.

We have thanked them on behalf of the Churches in our city through Together for the Illawarra. Standing as ONE in unity and love for each other, we pray their eyes and hearts were to be open for our King Jesus as we Thank and Honour them today.


This was, and still, is our prayer.


Together for The Illawarra - Illawarra Thanks 2021


SAHSSI - Supported Accommodation & Homelessness Services Shoalhaven



Shellharbour Scouts 


Shellharbour Hospital 

WWIS - Wollongong Women's Infomation Service